Thursday, March 5, 2009

its been a while since I have really blogged...

Time for a serious update.

I have been knitting quite a bit lately. I made my mom some mitts out of Cascade Pastanza and they are THICK! I used size 7 dpns and it seriously took me about a month. There is just something about knitting something, and then having to make an exact copy that drives my knitting self up the wall.

I read on the pattern for Fourteen that I am making that "One skein projects are like antidepressants in a ball. It’s like, just whip one up and you’re instantly happy." What I was thinking when I started it though, was that I would be able to breeze through it and have it done in a day. Unfortunately, I also have to hold down a full time job. I can't even tell you how amazing it sounds to be able to stay home all day, knit, and drink lemon tea while watching Tyra and Maury. That would be the freaking life!

Also, who invented this Brioche stitch? Did they have any idea what they were doing?

I found this video, which seems really easy. About half way through the project I realize that you get the same effect when you sl1p, yo, k2tog. So, instead of doing that weird k2tog that they show in the video, my method has made it much easier. I do knit continental though, so to each their own. I'm sure my mom, who knits English, would appreciate the videos directions a lot more. I just could not wrap my mind around that whole knitting in to the bottom stitch thing from the pattern.

I also made Ellie Mae a little "Princess Scarf" for her birthday. I had some GGH Ameile in this pretty pink eyelashy color. I followed the pattern for the Keyhole Scarf from Bernats Designs, only I left out the keyhole. (you have to have a bernats account to view those, but honestly, its free and there are amazing patterns available. So, sign up, duh.) Shes 5, the way it is made normally will be more than enough scarf for her. And once she gets too big, I figure she can just cuddle it. Thats all I want to do with it. Hold it in my lap and say things like, "Yessssssssssh dahhhhhling." and "A dame that knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up." Haha, hell yeah!

I have yet to get any decent pictures of any of these projects yet. I went out a few weeks ago and acquired an eye-fi card from Best Buy. The idea of the card is that you can set your camera up to send any pictures taken on the card and send them over your own wireless network (Mine is set up to pull them on to my laptop.) and even upload them to your online photo sharing site of choice, mine being Flickr. I had some fun trying to set it up. It didn't work the first few times, and my camera would always shut off before it got a chance to upload them all. Theres a few different sites that tell you how to extend the timer so it stays on and all your pics upload, but I seem to have trouble with it every time. Its still awesome, I just have to figure it out.

I have also been really in to figuring out makeup lately too. What I am working on now is purple shadow with brown eyes. It works out really well. I have this unhealthy obsession with MAC, and pretty much everything I own is MAC anyway. I am trying to acquire some blue eye shadow and pigments/paint pots/fluidline. I am also on the prowl for a Too Faced iridescent blush stick. I used to have one, and I miss it. :)

Theres been a lot of Scotty drama lately too. Today is Ellie 5th birthday and instead of letting Scotty have her on his scheduled visitation with her, Jennifer researched the parenting plan and found that they agreed to her having the kids on their birthdays on odd years, and him having them on even years. She just "found" it, ya know, right after 2008 was over. Convienient. I was supposed to go up and have dinner with the family for her birthday, and when this all went down, Jennifer said Scotty could come and bring 2 people with him if he wanted to join the kids at HER house to have dinner. I was trying to convince him that I can be a grownup and handle myself with class and self respect.

I still want to pound her face in, though.

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melbert327 said...

WHAT'D YOU DO?? WHAT'D YOU DO??? I'd wanna pound that lil ho-bag too..but yeah, for the sake of the chillins an' all...Jesus christ, you're busy knitting!! You make me feel like suck an effing slacker!! maybe you need to come over and inspire me LOL i miss you tho...