Monday, March 9, 2009

March Snow

I spent the weekend up in Longview with Scotty, the kids, Irene, and Ross. Friday night was Ellies birthday party, so we went to this Local place called Stuffys, which is probably one of my very favoritest breakfast places in the world. Behind Prescott Cafe and The Pancake House in Longview who literally had a ham and cheese omelet that was so good, I was sad I couldn't bring my dad to have one. We went to Stuffys because on your birthday they give you cinnamon rolls the side of your freaking head! They set this behemoth cinnamon roll down in front of teeny Ellie and I swear to you, this thing was the same size as a huge dinner plate. It was really hard, but baked fresh, I imagine getting there early in the day, they would be a lot softer. :)

Ellie had a birthday dinner the night before with her mom and siblings and they went out to Izzys. In the middle of dinner she got all big eyed and said she was happy everyone came to her birthday, because no one came to her other party... :( Poor dear. The sad thing is that they are suffering so much through out this whole ordeal. Scotty has been getting up every morning at 5 AM to go pick up the kids and bring them to his house so they can sleep a little, have breakfast, watch cartoons, and then he takes them to school. They really are having a hard time with this whole thing. I had to leave a little earlier than normal when I came up this weekend and Kenzie gave me a huge hug and asked me why I couldn't stay a little longer, and Cody wanted to make sure I was coming back soon. Ellie wasn't really too stoked on me at that point. I went to give Scotty a hug and kiss goodbye and she shoved herself between us and pushed me back. She gets in moods where she does not like sharing daddy. I understand. I used to get all butt hurt, but now I just step back and give her some space. I miss my daddy, so I'm not going to get in someone else's way of spending time with theirs.

Saturday night we went to Irenes friend Jennys house to watch the UFC fights. Irene has lots of good, close friend who I like a lot. Theres Debbie, and Leila, but Jenny is so much my favorite. Jenny is so welcoming and friendly, I just love being around her. She's so open and comfortable with her sexuality (but to protect the innocent, and possibly embarrassed, I'll refrain... :P). We walked in to her kitchen and there was a large rectangle vase with some rocks and water in it. On the top there was a lone flower petal floating. I told her that when I walked in I saw it and thought it was a dead fish and I didn't want to have to say, "Uhm... I think your fish is dead..." she gave me this wild eyed look and said, "I was going to tell you that you were looking good, but now I'm not!" and she gave me a hug. She made me drinks with lots of whiskey, a little Sprite, and some lemon! The fights were cool. Rampage won, because he's a crazy mofo, the kids played Hampster Ball on the laptop, and I got my head petted like a dog. :)

So, I came home early Sunday because my mom and sister were both giving me shit about coming home and spending time with them, even though I had been there all week. I get home, take my mom to work, come home, take katie to work, and then spent the rest of my night alone... and they said they "missed me"?

I can't even tell you how much this song means to me right now.

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