Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring is here!

The only bad thing about that is that it means that Summer will be here soon. And theres only one thing I hate about that word. hmph.

The knitted vagina was a hit. Everyone thinks its hilarious. Basically, its a large round knit out of some baby pink baby red heart that I gifted to my mom in a huge tub with lots of other yarns. I took that and knitted a smaller round out of the same red sparkley red heart I made Esmes Dorothy boots out of. haha, get it? I am going to knit a penis next, I'm just not sure when. Hopefully tonight or this weekend.

my obsession with MAC is out of freaking control! I started a Make Up Alley account (I am belladevil there) just to keep track of all my makeup stuff. The diary section is awesome, I just wish uploading pics were a little easier. Or that it used Flickr like my Ravelry does. I am so spoiled. lol. Also, I don't know who has been holding out on telling me what foundation primer is, but I now know why I've hated cover up for so long! Well, and until recently I didn't really have skin issues. :(

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Amy said...

I love that you used the yarn you used on Essie's booties!