Monday, October 1, 2007

I am bad at guesstimates.

When I look at things I've made and I try to estimate how far along I am in my process I always look at it as more of a time thing, rather than a product thing. I think more in the terms of TIME rather than HOW MUCH I have done. Like, I propose, this will take me a week. and then I'm done the next day. haha.

Anyway, I am going to continue making these pithy hats until I can get the pattern down PERFECT. :)

Its been a decent week. I was supposed to host a bbq tonight. I won't be. School is starting tonight (I work at an electrician apprentice program in the office). I love these boys, but sometimes I'd rather ignore them. Don't worry, they love me, too.

I wish I had pictures for you today... but I don't. I left my camera at home, and really all I have to show you is either my old navy cardigan I can finally wear again because of the cooler weather, or the fact that I made it to work today in my car. I am slowly picking up the balance thing and getting the 4 speed down. Its tricky and definitely no where near the same as my precious automatic. It seems like theres a lot of unnecessary movement. I think its cute though. :)

On another note, did anyone watch Rock of Love last night? Thoughts? Discuss.

Weeds is on tonight. :)

On another another note, Saves The Day - Do You Know What I Love The Most is my cleaning/kick ass in the office song for the day.

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